Project Gallery


Miscelaneous and out of the ordinary projects.

Design and Analysis of large mobile platforms on Air-skates which were used to furbish a large exhibition centre. This avoided the need of providing scaffolding within the building.

Development and prototyping for eventual manufacture of Specialised Container Trailers/ dolleys for QANTAS Airways

Preliminary Design and Tender preparation for large Material Handling Projects.

Preliminary design, quantities take off and tender preparation of a number of material handling facilities.

Design of Bins, Hoppers, Transfer Houses, Footings for a number of Material Handling Projects.

Projects worked on include Cadia Gold Mine, the material handling section of the no. 6 Port Kembla blast furnace and the Tomago Aluminium expansion project. There are many more recent projects including the more recent CADIA-Orange underground upgrade.

Dynamic Static Analysis and Design of Footings for the Largest SAG-Mill in the world for Bechtel Minproc/Newcrest CADIA Project.

The work was carried out whilst working for Bechtel- Minproc joint venture. Many FE analysis runs were required in order to refine the mass ratio of footings to machine, eventually an optium size was found.


Dynamic, Static Analysis and Design of Ball-Mill footings for Bechtel Minproc/Newcrest CADIA project.

Whilst the ball mills footing were not as large as the SAG-Mill foundations the work process was the same. We were able to decrease the thickness and plan size of the machine foundation to a minimum.

Design of electrical switchyard structures and foundations including substation buildings.

We were either involved or in charge of the design, drafting and specifications writing for a number of switchyards. The work was carried out for Worley Parsons and Tomago Aluminium; it involved both footings and superstructures. For Tomago Aluminium we designed a foundation for a 450 Tonne transformer and designed foundations and supports for large busbars.

Design of Aluminium gangway and Shiploader boom structure.

The work involved the replacement of an existing worn out boom with a new one. An aluminium gangway was also required for the upgrade, which was both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Design check and modifications of an existing Stacker for a throughput upgrade.

The work involved an analysis and design check of the existing structure which was over 30 years old. The structure required some modifications due to the installation of a new chute, but also required extra modification because of inherent design deficiencies. The structure was checked against the current design code and compared to the original design code. A report was then produced indicating compliance and not compliance to the current code. Albeit the structure could never be made to fully comply to the existing codes the structure was made more robust and therefore the o/all safety and its design life was increased.


Analysis and design of large Crane girders.

Heavy industrial projects generally always require the installation of large overhead bridge or freestanding cranes. We are very experienced in the design and detailing of industrial buildings with internal heavy duty cranes. We have also designed underground transfer stations supporting large travelling bridge cranes.


Various Structural Inspections for Mining and Process Industries.

We have carried out quite a number of on site structural inspections and have provided structural assessments and delapidation reports.

We have carried out quite a number of on site structural inspections and have provided structural assessments and delapidation reports.